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Friday, February 11, 2005

100 Things About Me

I've seen this on other blogs and since this is a first attempt for me, what better way to get going:

1: I was born June 22nd, 1963. I'm a Cancer/Gemini cusp. It all fits.
2: I love dogs a bit more than cats. I'm allergic to cats and although I like hanging out with them I allergic to them. They seem to know this and stalk me.
3: I love to knit. Am complete obsessed by it. Am a bit obsessive by nature.
4: Consider myself a real child of the eighties since those were my formative years.
5: Went to an arts school. Wasn't like FAME. Have a BFA in acting, though directing is my calling. I write, too.
6: I'm a completely out gay man.
7: Have been in love a lot but the love of my life passed away in 1994. We were together for six fantastic years. I consider myself lucky to have known what that's like.
8: My dog Daisy is a border collie/terrier mix. I've had her since she was 11 weeks old and she will soon be fifteen. I love her, but she's always been a big wierdo.
9: I love movies but don't go to them a lot b/c people in movie theaters piss me off. I tend to rent more. Love netflix.
10: Don't go to the theatre as much as I should. Expensive!
11: Same w/ Opera. Although I do love it.
12: My favorite is blue.
13: I love chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. Especially Belgian Dark Chocolate.
14: I like the change of seasons, but I hate being cold. I love hot weather. Summer is my favorite time of year.
15: The beach, particularly, Jones Beach LI, is my favorite place in the world.
16: Paris would have to be number 2 but I've only been once.
17: I hate eggs. Just can't eat them.
18: I'm a total slob. I hate to do housework.
19: I hate shopping.
20: I'm going to get hit by lightning for this, I know, but I'm not a huge Barbra Streisand fan. The talent is undeniable, but the ego tends to overshadow that for me. Though WHAT'S UP DOC is one of my favorite movies.
21: Prefer comedy to drama.
22: I tend to stay up late, though I am rediscovering mornings. I like the quiet of them.
23: I think if could read half the time and knit the other half, I would be the happiest man alive.
24: I love to cook and am good at it, though rarely do anymore b/c I never seem to have the time.
25: I love seafood, but there's nothing like a really rare steak.
26: I love the smell of gasoline. And hairspray. And nail polish. Weird, I know.
27: I'm not really a clothes person, but constantly wish I had a better wardrobe.
28: I am a pool shark. I play on the gay/lesbian pool league in NY and I love my team!
29: I am a newly sober recovering alcoholic and feel like I'm experiencing everything for the first time.
30: I hate to work out and go through spurts of gym-mania and sloth. I do it, though.
31: I cannot believe that we have the President we have.
32: I hate people on cell phones. I have one, but it doesn't work very well so I haven't become one of those people yet.
33: I hate previews in movies.
34: I love the thought of travelling more than actually doing it.
35: I love roses, particularly white ones. (Fag!)
36: I love swimming.
37: I was on little league when I was a kid and hated it. I sucked.
38: I love bowling but am not real good at that either.
39: I love surprising myself and other people.
40: I hate being told what to do. The fastest way to get me to stop listening to you is to start a sentence w/ "You should".
41: I wish I could dance. And play a musical instrument. (Not at the same time.)
42: Michael Chabon and Edith Wharton are my favorite authors.
43: Comic books are art.
44: I love old television particularly Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, The Odd Couple, 227. I remember when they were on originally. Yipe.
45. I hate Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Celine Dion. Puke.
46. I suspect Janet Jackson may be a fembot.
47. I love Ewan McGregor. And Jude Law. And Matt Damon. And Ashton Kutcher (though not when he's talking).
48. Guilty pleasure movie: Xanadu.
49. Sixteen Candles needs to go on my favorite movie list.
50. I hate J-Lo, P. Diddy, Paris Hilton, ALicia Keys and Will Smith.
51. I love Julianne Moore.
52. I don't usually go for horror movies, but once in a while I get in the mood for one.
53. I really don't like hip-hop music. Sorry.
54. I used to work at MTV. SO not glamorous. Maybe that's why I have an aversion all these pop favorites. Nothin' goin on there, folks.
55. Love New York. Have no opinion about LA. Have only been there twice. Don't see myself living there, but never say never.
56. I don't have a driver's license.
57. I want to go to Italy next. Venice, Rome and Tuscany.
58. I've been to London and liked it, but prefer parisiens to londonners. Ironically, they were nicer to me.
59. Have developped a sweet tooth since I quit drinking.
60. My friends really keep me going.
61. I have more LP's that CD's and I have a ton of CD's.
62. I wish I had an interesting day job. I envy you guys that work in yarn stores though having worked in fashion, publishing, and television my bullshit tolerance is very very low.
63. I'm not a technophobe, but I am retarded when it comes to technology. Machines don't like me a whole lot.
64. Going out to dinner is one of my favorite things. Especially if someone else is paying.
65. I love Glasgow, Scotland.
66. I like other people's kids but am glad I don't have any of my own and don't feel obligated or driven to make any.
67. If I could start my career track over I would like to go into psychology, sociology, anthropology or archeology.
68. I read Tarot cards but don't live by them.
69. I love jewelry but tend to lose it.
70. I collect dragonflies. They are the coollest.
71. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder of a dragonfly with the infinity symbol over its head. It means forever summer to me.
72. I love canasta, scrabble and Jeopardy.
73. Gameboy: clueless.
74. Weirdos are interesting to me.
75. I wish I could draw, though I'm pretty good at gesture drawing, or paint.
76. I wish I had a rockstar boyfriend.
77. I love Chris Carraba, Peter Yorn, John Mayer. See #76.
78. I am a word nerd and a number idiot.
79. I have a fear of money. I'm either feast or famine with it.
80. My friend Rebecca turned me into a fiber snob. Also, I prefer bamboo needles to anything else.
81. I'm a heavy sleeper once I get there.
82. I want a house, but I don't want to have to take care of it.
83. I rent a lot of porn.
84. I can't believe I'm as old as I am, but I wouldn't go back.
85. I love liver, spinach, brocolli and asparagus.
86. I try not to go to Starbucks but I love their Chai Lattes.
87. I wish I had a bigger apartment with a lower rent. I love my neighborhood, though. I live in Hell's Kitchen.
88. I wish I had an ipod. Got a new stereo for Christmas and am in Heaven.
89. Never been to a school reunion or would want to go one.
90. Wish I could be political without getting emotional. Red states! Not going to go there...
91. Of the seven deadlies, envy probably gets me the most.
92. I bitch more than I explode.
93. I am shy in new situations, but am getting a lot better thanks to AA and Lexapro.
94. I don't like lima beans, fava beans, peas or mayonaise.
95. Saw Supersize Me and still eat at McDonalds.
96. Love Spongebob. Patrick is my favorite!
97. Just started going to the boyz nite at KnitNY and it's one of the highlights of my week.
98. My landlord is a DICK!
99. Wish I lived closer to the FilmForum in NYC.
100. Yes, I have superhero action figures! I admit it. And they aren't even in their boxes, okay!


Blogger Sean said...

In reading this list, I thought I had a boyfriend for you (see my list #53...7, 11 and 13. Then I got to the park where you hate Ms. Barbra. He's a fanatic...more than I am. But I wonder if you could work around it, although we don't talk any more.

Things that surprised me:
Love Liver -- me too.
Hate mayo -- I make and love home made!

Anyway, HI!

1:27 PM

Blogger markknitz said...

Hey, Sean thanks for checking this out! I looked at your list, but #53 doesn't sound like such a nice guy. I also have to admit to a that's so raven fetish. that girl oddly fascinates me. she was otherworldly on the cosby show, too. and i used to want to BE samantha (and Ginger).

7:44 AM


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