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Thursday, February 24, 2005

joy of giving

i gave my friend the purple/blue rayon kercheif yesterday after weaving in the ends and sewing in a tiny silver J at the point. she loved it and it looks so good on her. great color for a redhead. then went home to do some power knitting on the rust cashmere scarf and discovered that I had goofed in the pattern semi early on. it's a real easy two row pattern: 27 stitches on 11's. Row1: *k3, p1* repeat k3 more to finish row. Row 2: k all. Not rocket science and it looks great. But in my haste i had done two row 2's in a row and have a nice even line of garter stitch in the middle of the rib. what i will do rather than ripping it out is continue to the end of the skein, mark it, attached the second (and final skein) continue in pattern to where I did the garter stitch row, do a garter stitch row and then continue in pattern to the end of the skein. that way the two garter stitch rows will match and show in the front and my friend will have a completely unique scarf from the finberg design vaults! i am, however, open to suggestions!


Blogger Sean said...

As I'm known for saying in my class, one hole (or garter portion in this case) is a mistake. But a few, through out the work are design elements!

9:19 AM

Blogger markknitz said...

thank you for that reassurance. I'll post a picture and see what you think when it's done. It's not going to get done tonight, so that gives me a little time.

10:36 AM


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