When you've gone over something AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN like I have, certain questions get answered, OTHERS SPRING UP! You mind plays tricks on you, YOU PLAY TRICKS BACK! It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps on knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting..."

Friday, February 25, 2005

no time for cashmere

well, i didn't get the rust cashmere scarf done for my friend's birthday yesterday but i'm more than halfway done and i can definitely have it done for monday which is when we will meet again. he is lending me some opera glasses. He is going to see the dress rehearsal at the met of Don Carlo and i have a ticket that night for Turandot. We'll probably hand off in the lobby. I'm excited about it. I went to get the ticket after I went to my dr's office for a biopsy. I really wanted to get away from myself and I don't know how much farther away from me you can get than puccini's ice queen of mythical china. i believe i am destined to work there b/c when i was walking around waiting for the box office to open, i noticed the dedication plaque with the quote about about the arts from John D. Rockefeller is dated 6/22/63--my birthday! Hey, I just directed a successful sungthru show. I'm ready for the Met! Speaking of which, last night's show was brilliant. John Wallowitch, our featured composer and all around great guy, was there and LOVED it. Whew! http://www.tosos2.org
am going to boyz nite at knit new york tonight and can't wait. will start on the other sleeve of the flame sweater. am saving the cashmere for catching up on my netflix. my co-worker here just gave me a bag of Lindor truffles. life is good.


Blogger Sean said...

Honey...biopsy? You OK?

8:39 AM

Blogger markknitz said...

yeah, had i have a bit of a liver infection wh/ is a mystery to me. the dr. said I should do the biopsy just so we get an idea of what's going on. nothing major but I should find out soon.

11:12 AM


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