When you've gone over something AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN like I have, certain questions get answered, OTHERS SPRING UP! You mind plays tricks on you, YOU PLAY TRICKS BACK! It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps on knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting..."

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

a break in the clouds

it's too beautiful outside. I just came in from lunch. I ate really quickly in the cafeteria here then went over to a nearby park, sat out in the spring sunshine and knitted for about forty minutes. fantastic! I love when the weather is like this. it seems like it's ninty degrees after the weather we've had, even though it's only sixty. i'll take it!
have been extended here for two more weeks. what a relief.
am making a lot of progress on aiblehn. may even be done with it by the weekend. i need to shop some materials w/ my friend Mark b/c he has commissioned a sweater from me. it's the Sam's vest from Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men from Tricoter. I made one for myself last year at this time and he wants one and is willnig to pay! His will probably come out much nicer than mine since I've made it once before.
we opened the show last night and everyone came thru w/ flying colors. whew! i wish our show wasn't such a total change of pace from the other two and last on the bill, but that's not my call. oh, well. my older actor remembered all his lines, my second lead kept up the pace and my lead led the way. but the drama isn't over, folks. my second lead can't make two of the shows next week so I"m filling in. that's right! buy your tickets now! yipe. it seemed like the easiest thing to do other than recast, but now it's suddenly occurring to me that I'm going to actually do it. oh, well, the show must go on. and on. and on. i have a night off tonight, so i will go see one of the other shows at the theater, then go home and knit to netflix. tonight jules et jim. never seen it.
oh and i even got paid yesterday from the theater. sweet!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

book review and more work

finished reading John Rechy's City of Night. I had heard of John Rechy from various sources and saw this book on the top 100 gay books. I thought it was kind of interesting. I can see how some reviewers have called it dated. It was published in 1963 so it predates Stonewall and the underworld it surveys would have been quite scandalous. I think nowadays we're more immune to drugs and sex. his take on intimacy, masculinity and sexual compulsion are accurate and timeless though. his use of language is creative and interesting and i found the book compelling. i kept with it. so, classic? I don't know. worth reading, definitely.
dress rehearsal last night and there's a little dissention in the ranks. i'm working w/ an older actor who has a little trouble w/ line retention. when he's on he's great. he's just not consistant. this has my lead climbing the walls. i called him (my lead) last night after the run b/c clearly there was something bothering him and reassured him that i'd taken this tack for a reason (which he saw) and that we would get past this together(which we will). it's just going to take more work w/ the older actor and that we're going to have to be infinitely patient b/c the minute we put him on the defensive, he's not going to be able to get there and if is continues to beat on himself, he's not going to get there. so more work. didn't want to run it again last night b/c I didn't want the actors to feel like i was punishing them. we'll just have to work through it today before the show. not impossible, just more work.
more work on aiblehn, too. went almost a full round when I realized that my marker had fallen out and i couldn't tell where the new round starts. not good for a swirling rib, so i had to frog it back stitch by stitch this morning. at least, I will be able to pick it up again easily. i wish someone would pay me to drink coffee and knit all day (my gig is going to end here Friday).

Monday, March 28, 2005

monday, monday

aren't grey rainy mondays a treat? the tech went well. it was not quick, but i am immensely popular at this theater b/c i'm flexible, appreciative and personable as opposed to some of the folks I share the bill w/. didn't go to boyznite but my friend John called me on SUnday to check in. Saturday was our reading of Dog Opera by Constance Congdon and I get a phone call from one of my actors, deathly ill, so i have to replace her before 3. luckily my friend and wonderful actor Jamie stepped in and the reading went great! looks like we'll produce this next year! then rehearsal for the thing i was teching on friday just to do some fine tuning acting wise. so by the time i got home i was wiped. a friend lent me the dvd of Dead Ringer (w/ Bette Davis) w/ commentary by Boze Hadliegh and Charles Busch so I knitted and watched that. Am about halfway done w/ Aiblihn and really learning a lot about it even though it's a pretty simple 3K3P twisting rib. It's actually going pretty fast, I might even be done by next week. I was working on a little openwork beanie for myself, but i got about halfway done, realized I didn't like it and pitched it. I wasn't crazy about the yarn. doesn't even make good practice yarn b/c you can't see the stitchwork. Sunday I had several sets of plans that got cancelled, first a lunch date and later Streetcar (they cancelled the performance b/c of an actors schedule, wha...?). Just as well though b/c all I really wanted to do was hibernate. Hung out w/ the old doggie who is hanging in there and very sweet and smiley. No accidents.
needless to say Mr. Internet and I didn't connect. His social calendar is always full, full, full. You have to book MONTHS in advance. And no, not my boyfriend, but everyone thinks we are or should be. Not happenin' though. Too much like incest.

Friday, March 25, 2005

a very good friday

to everyone. this is a good friday for me b/c both my bosses are out of the office today so I'm only staying in for half the day. it feels like spring is struggling through the clouds out there and even though it's still cold it's not miserable. there's hope. yesterday was all about showing up. work, dr, dr, work, meeting, rehearsal so i was glad when i was able to get home watch the end of Night of the Demon (good if you like 1957 horror movies) do a few more rows of ablihn and chill. rehearsal was arduous and i figured it would be. we've had a week off due to scheduling conflicts and we open on tuesday, but everybody was in good spirits and stepped up and we're chugging along. i'll be glad when we're running, for some reason casting and scheduling this one was a BEAR! I can use a break. we tech tonight so i think it's pretty safe to say i'm not going to go to boyznite. which is a drag b/c that's kind of the highlight of my week. it's so great to just chill out and knit with a bunch of other guys. such good energy. i've met some really terrific people that i wouldn't have met otherwise. people on the street walk by and look in the window pointing, amazed and amused. i don't get the novelty of a room full of guys knitting, but that's because i'm in it. still, people, it's not feeding time at the zoo. have a little class. would I ooo and ahhh at an all-girl construction team? no. but I wouldn't walk by wearing tight pants, either. animals! speaking of animals, the dog was ok today. she took forever to settle down to go to sleep last night but this morning i rolled out of bed, threw on a coat and out we went. so no accidents. when i get home we will take a little nap. sounds like a good friday to me.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

dog toilet

poor daisy. she was having such a good day and then as I was in the shower she had accidents #1 and #2. she was doing better until yesterday so i thought I could get off my roll out of bed and take the dog out schedule (particularly since it's not exactly spring yet) but that apparently is not the case. so, for the moment i live in a dog toilet. but hopefully with a little more attention and love we can get through this too.
finished the gift bag i've been working on from last minute knitted gifts. it's cute. when i do it again, and i will b/c it was easy and a great use for stash yarn, i will make the bottom half longer than the top (the pattern calls for them to be equal but the top doesn't roll down that significantly). And the pattern called for a three needle bind off for the bottom done by folding the circular in half and using a third needle. this was a major pain in the ass. when I do it again, i'll do a few stitches on the circular and then swith to dpns so the stitches can be bound off easier and won't slip off the needles.
also did more on the cowl, which i'm lovin'.
yesterday was all about showing up. though i'm tired and my stalling self wants to not do anything, i find if do things in little peices things get done and they aren't overwhelming.
camera i borrowed to take pics for this site doesn't work. am i cursed? i know machines don't like me, but this is ridiculous. i think on easter i'm going to go over to my friend Mr. internet's house with a bag full of knitting and get this stuff posted. who knows, maybe he'll even model for you...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

spring grey

The seasons are definitely changing here in Manhattan. It's warmer although it doesn't really feel warm yet. I marched to work today under a grey cloudy sky with hints of rain in it. I checked to weather yesterday and it's supposed to rain for a week. That actually doesn't bother me. I've been completely exhausted lately and a grey day is an excuse for nesting, knitting and netflix. I had big plans for last night, but wound up getting the runaround from verizon, watching the incredibles (really good) and putting in some inches on the cowl. I'm liking this pattern. I"m kind of at the point where I've cracked the code. You know, the place where you get when you can pick it up at any point and know exactly where you are and if you screw up you can find exactly where it happened and fix it or fudge it. In the zone. Haven't worked with cotton in a while and I'm liking it. This piece is really interesting. I like the flow of it and it blows me away that it's going to come out of few balls of kite string.
Daisy had a bad day today. She''s been waking up in the middle of the night disoriented and she has trouble getting around b/w her arthitis and her balance problem so until she gets situated again, I'm awake, too. Then I guess I didn't get her outside in time b/c she peed in the living room. After cleaning that up, I thought well at least I can get dressed for work and not have to worry. So took her outside when I was dressed. She did #2 but then her legs gave out and she fell back into it, so she then had beige dog poo all over her back legs. So I had to figure out how to carry her upstairs w/o getting any poo on my work clothes and how to get it off her. I ended running the bath over her which she hated but it was fast and relatively poo free. I love my dog and have for 15 years but times when it's this much work i just want to scream.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

grand central

i walk thru grand central station on my way to this temp gig every day. it kind of the highlight of the commute. when i first moved to NY about 15 years ago, gc was not so nice. kind of rotting on its hinges, then inthe early mid ninties they started renovating it so it looked worse, always under wraps and construction like someone in a body cast. but since the bandages have come off, it's really so nice. yes, it's not quite as hoipoloi friendly, meaning, the bar on the first floor isn't a cheap place you can meet your friends and people watch anymore, but i don't drink any more anyway. the light is so great through the upper windows. the other day i was in a particularly self defeating mood as i trudged into this temp gig and as i turned into the hallway towards lexington avenue i was stuck by the color of the light coming across the tiled ceilings and how the street performers music really filled the place with welcome sound. it made me think of when i was in paris a couple of years ago and that very pleasant memory coasted me into my workday. so thank you power that is for the grand central station.
had to do laundry last night on my first of two actual nights off and that ate up most of my evening. i did manage to get home in time for Sanford and Son and to watch a movie I netflixed called Jupiter's Wife. it's this documentary about a woman living in central park. at first i was thinking oh, great, another crazy, i can walk out my front door for this, but it's actually an unexpectedly good story. i recommend. and i did about another inch and a half on the cowl. so, all good. a peaceful evening. which is ultimately what i needed. i wonder if non-knitters ever know the Zen this little activity brings.

Monday, March 21, 2005

promises, promises

I know I said pictures by this weekend. Well, it didn't happen. Got too busy and too fatigued. I actually have a night off tonight, so maybe I can get Verizon on the phone and see if they can connect my DSL so I can stop blogging on the QT at work! hmmm
busy weekend. the Wallowitch show closed on Saturday. it was great. John played it wh/ made it a completely different show. auditioned people for a play I wrote which is starting production in April. forgot how weird it is to sit in a room and listen to people you don't know read words that you wrote all afternoon. oddly personal and impersonal at the same time. like sex. new york is so full of fantastic actors! (thank God).
modelled flames at boyznite. glad i finished it in time to wear it a few times before the weather starts warming up. am now working on the aibleen cowl from http://www.knitty.com. It's starting to look like something. I was just going to make it to make it, but I think I'm going to give it to my mother. I'd like to give it to her in person and watch her try to figure out what it is. sorry mom. and i know how to make bobbles now! i try to learn something new w/ each project and now, I am the bobble-master....
adding to list of books finished. Jane and The Ghosts of Netley by Stephanie Barron. Completely entertaining mystery/adventure yarn in Barron's Jane Austen series. I needed something fun, I'd just finished reading This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. So it was fun and cozy. I liked it. Good snow day reading.

Friday, March 18, 2005

slow news day

flames was a big hit yesterday. am bringing it tonight to boyznite for more glory. was working on a nubble pattern pillow to get rid of some stash yarn when i was met by a canine caused domestic emergeny and somehow the yarn got in the way. at first i was bummed but then thought, you know what I"m not crazy about this yarn. hence, I haven't really done anything with it. so i will probably pitch it. it served its purpose. i've made several nice things out of it, but it's time has come i think. and i learned how to make bobbles with it. i started on a small gift bad from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. which is pretty much 3" stockinett on a small circ, an eyelet row and then 3 more inches, bind off and tie off w/ icord. figured it would be a good netflix project since it's no basic. it'll be cute, too. and portable.
st. p's come and gone. i dealt pretty well, I think. After the show I went straight home, not to hide, just to rest. the streets get a little scary in my neighborhood on this day. people coming from miles around just to get trashed. it's not as creepy as New Years Eve, but it's up there. just didn't feel like hassling w/ people. so before and after the canine accident I got a little peace and quiet, which is better than none.
nothing else to report.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


am wearing flames as i write this and i love it. i fixed the neck last night and now it's loose and comfortable. i have a longsleeved baseball shirt underneath it b/c it pretty ichy, but it's also plenty warm!!!
so where are the pictures? machines hate me. i had a friend over who was trying to get me online and we got all the way to activate account and it froze. everytime we tried it. so annoying.
so will try to post from a friends house if not tonight then definitely this weekend.
hoping the day goes by soon. it's another long one. totally forgot that it was the anniversary of Don's death unitl i saw all the cops on 5th avenue and it reminded me of trying to get home that day.Fellini-esq nightmare


am wearing flames as i write this. i love it. it fits perfectly. i was up until 1 redoing the neck and it's great now. not only can i get my head through without breaking my nose, but it doesn't cling around my neck like a noose. before i fixed it i showed it to a friend of mine and told him what i was going to do and he said, yeah, that does look a little small. if a non-knitter can see it, it must have been tiny. now it is glamourous. i have a longsleeved baseball shirt underneath b/c it's a little itchy, but it is warm, warm, warm. i'm psyched that it fits to well. it is making a successful debut. i have to take it to boyznite tomorrow of course.
so where are the pictures? okay, my friend was over trying to get me online. we got all the way thru the installation process when it froze at the account set up window. i know it's not the newest computer in the world, but come on! so fucking frustrating. last night was supposed to be my night off and this poor guy was over at my place trying to get the f-ing computer to work till nine o'clock. what a good friend. so, i'm going to take some pics tonight and see if can download them from someone's house tonight. if not, sunday. so aggravating.
why do sick people come to work and cough on everyone and everything? i know if you don't work you don't get paid, but i don't want to get sick!!!
so far so good w/ today. i totally forgot what day it was until i saw the police lining fifth avenue on my way to work this morning. reminds me of when i got the call that Don had passed and I was trying to get home and they wouldn't let me across fifth avenue. there i was surrounded by screaming drunk people with shamrocks painted on their faces as i'm frantically looking for a break in the crowd so i can dart across the street. it was like being trapped in a fellini movie only it felt way more german expressionist. i have a very busy day today so hopefully it will go fast.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

it works!

thanks for the casting on advice, guys. i tried the bind off method i'd read up about on this nubble pattern i started and it actually works! woo-hoo! I am going to take the last row out of flames and rebind off tonight, so I won't break my nose putting the thing on and taking it off.
didn't knit at all yesterday and am definitely jonesing for it. had one of those annoying back to back to back days. work/meeting/work/rehearsal/playoffs (we got killed). glad it's over. actually my whole month is like that. but that' s good i guess. march is a long one and with so much activity it's flying by.
tomorrow is the anniversary of my partner's death in 1994. wow 11 years and it can still stop me in my tracks. i think i'm feeling it a bit more acutely b/c i'm finally taking care of myself. but all this activity makes it easier to get through and harder to wallow. and i know he would be very proud of me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

going to kill my mother

okay, i've done a little research on binding off and discovered that yes, i have been doing it the wrong way. i have just been looping over stitches not knitting them and then looping them over. no wonder that neck is so tight. also, i could never understand what bind off in pattern meant b/c i thought there was only one way to do it. arg. my mother taught me to knit a long time ago. so she taught me how to knit backwards (i used to always knit into the back of the stitch), purl backwards (i used to loop the yarn under the needle, not over) and bind off super super tight. i have always suspected that my casting method wasn't right (i do a long tail loop method with one needle.) now I am terrified that may be true. oh, all this dangerous knowledge! thanks a lot, Ma!!! actually, she probably never figured I would persist as a knitter and never was much ofone herself, so I cast no blame. Hell, maybe, if she's interested, I'll teach her.
pictures are coming soon! maybe as soon as Thursday! (yes, MarQ1 that is an Alison Moyet reference. have been a little obsessed lately.) am definitely doing to redo the collar w/ my newfound knowledge, but that shouldn't take that long.
Jesse's Flames Sweater is from Stitch N Bitch Nation. I'm going to make this bobbled cowl I found on Knitty, start a vest for my friend I"ve made before from Tricoter Simply Beautiful Sweaters for men. want to make this nubbled pillowcase from SNB Nation and knitted giftbag from Last Minute Knitted gifts.
I'm so tired. I feel that I"m spread a little thin and this fucking cold weather doesn't help. I WANT TO GO THE BEACH!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

flame on!

I got a little obsessed this weekend and I finished the flame sweater! I know I know where are the pix. They're coming! I'm very happy w/ it except that i bound the neck off a little too tight so I may have to rip that part out and redo it. But it fits great and since I made it out of lambs pride and not woolese it's very very warm. okay it's hot. but it's a flame sweater right? It needs to be hot.
So here I am without a project. I found a great pattern on Knitty for a cowl w/ a swirling rib and bobbles on the edging. I've never done bobbles before and i always try to push myself with every project. i don't know. knit ny just had a huge yarn sale maybe i'll get inspired. so glad to be done though!
Any notes on binding off? I always manage to do it too tight and it really screws up the tension of the piece on that side.

Friday, March 11, 2005

how winter kills

i'm over yesterday. went to the show last night and it's really good. i have to remember that there are things in my life that are good, very good and that the most important thing for me to do is stay on the path and not get detoured by emotional hoo-ha. it's so easy to get sidetracked by the things that you don't have and completely not see the things you do have. at least it is for me. plus i'm tired and this f-ing weather doesn't seem to want to let up. i know it's always like this, but it always affects me like this. come on already w/ the spring! spring in new york city is something else! even if it only lasts for a week.
so close to being done w/ all the pieces of flames. only three more rows of intarsia, then continuing the decrease on both sides to the last 8 stitches. was going to block the front and the back last night but the back's dimensionas are perfect and only the top of the front needed to be stretch out about an inch. i'm a little worried that the sleeves will be a little long, but i won't know until their done. which they almost are. then it'll be sewing central. yum!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

no time

did very little work on flames yesterday which means I can finish up tomorrow at boyznite. Did like maybe four more rows like one more increase, three more rows w/ red and 18 more of intarsia. would ahve done more last night but i was tired. work was slow which makes it go real slow. went to a play last night. orson's shadow at the barrow street playhouse. it came from chicago. i really liked it. we knew someone in it and she wonderful. hard though to be around people that really do this. I direct constantly and run a theater company, but i haven't managed to make that my bill paying career, so sometimes it's hard to be around people who are doing what I want to do. I see what loneliness does to people. I feel like I missed out on 10 years and spin into a where the hell am i going with my lfie? what the hell am I doing? i always want to jump forward and worry, so i am trying very hard to stay in this moment, this day.
am giong to rip out the great hat.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

girl, you is tired

Have about twenty more rows to go on the flames sleeve. have resigned myself to the fact that i'll be constructing the sweater at boyz nite which is ok b/c i can't really watch tv and sew. i just don't like sewing. i've been told that's what the great thing about sweaters in the round is. no seams. it will probably be good to put the thing together at bn because i can get some expert advice from my knittin' sistahs.
it's so freaking cold here. i can't wait until it's time to go back to the beach again. i really want to hibernate. so tired and achy. i can imagine how my creaky old dog feels. at least she has someone to carry her up and down the stairs. she has been an old sweetie these days. not too many accidents in the house and very cuddly. ever the attention whore.
show is going well and rehearsing for the new one, a short play for a one act festival called INVISIBLE. it plays with the notion that gay men become invisible on their fortieth birthday and can only be seen by other gay men over forty. it's a fun play and the cast is good. i'm just so wiped out. I get paranoid that i'm not doing my best work b/c it's so hard to get up for it. I have to remember i always get like this. that it's a process. etc. i'm just so tired....

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

end in sight

i am about halfway done with the second sleeve on flames. then i have to duplicate stitching to do. will block the front and back tonight. can't believe i'm almost done with this. would love to get it finished before friday b/c i don't want to be doing construction at boyznite. i'm going to want space and last week we were standing room only. which was very cool.

Monday, March 07, 2005

i felt that!

a while back an actress of mine gave me three skeins of yarn as an opening night present. It was beutiful stuff matching green, dark brown and camel tweed. I made a long horizonatal garter stitch scarf and had enough left over to make a watch cap. The scarf still looks great, but the watch cap got completely stretched out so that it wouldn't hold a shape all and started to look like a Zelda Fitzgerald cloche. I was doing my laundry yesterday and I thought, oh, what the hell i'll throw the hat in there and see what happens. Well, it felted up perfectly. It came out the size of a skull cap just over the ears wih no rolls, you can see all the colors, the texture is beautiful and it fits like a glove.
I'm so happy with it. Not only am I over my fear of felting, but I have my fabulous matching hat again.
two of the plays i directed last year were published and i went to the book launch for them. the hshow currently running was better than ever. we got a glowing review and yours truly got mentioned. love it when that happens b/c not everyone notices direction. i am very tired, though. i didn't do much more than the launch and a rehearsal on saturday, i'm just drained. i made a nehru hat (basically a rectangular panel of super chunky roving yarn in a moss stitch) but it came out funny. both funny ha-ha and funny wierd). it may wind up being a purse. of can always felt it....

Friday, March 04, 2005

no more mohair

finished the little mohair scarf I was working on this morning. I don't know how I managed to do it, but near the end I added at least four stitches, it must have been during some lacemaking mishap and that stuff doesn't rip out too successfully. So it makes a tiny funnel shape near the end but since it's a short scarf that's meant to be tied, it'll flare out in the right places. have never worked w/ mohair before. i'd been warned that it's difficult, but that wasn't my experience. I had to watch I was doing more b/c you can't really make mistakes but the finished project is so nice and elegant. my friend is sure to love it. and yeah, i would do mohair again. i like the way it comes out.
will be going to boyznite tonight at http://www.knitnewyork.com to plug away a litle bit more on flames. While I"m there, I'll check out their chunky yarn. I want to make a Nehru Hat like Corbeau has on his blog only in a moss stitch. need a portable project b/c flames gets messy. am looking forward to some fiber therapy. this week has been stressful and draining.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

tangled web

am really wanting to get flames done. also, have had a lot of stress in my life lately and was looking for that kind of zen place where knitting takes me. however, i chose to ignore the advice of my knitboyz friend and not reposition my yarn after every row b/c it wasn't tangling. at least not immediately--that is, the strand that I would need would be pullable, so I just kept going. but sure enough there i was w/ with Donnie Darko on the player and got halfway thru a row when I turn it over and all five strands are balled up like a fist. so i spent the rest of of Donnie's dementia untangling the stuff, but the nice thing is, it DID untangle and I am now taking my friends advice and rearranging every time. ironically the row itself takes less time than the rearranging, but i have to tell myself it's not a race. i can't help it. I like to go fast. am happy to thave the mohair piece to work on. it really is going fast. my boss is gone for the next couple so I may be able to sneak in some work at work. i ahve someone coming over tonight to look at my computer so i can get these damn pix up. i need a vacation!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

for arts sake pt 2

I got lucky last night! No, not like that. I had a cheap set for Turandot at the Met. A friend of mine knew I was going and got two orchestra seats from a friend of his that works there and gave them to me, so I got to see it from the 20th row. It was awesome!!! And with the snow outside, it was one of those once in a life time things.
The show i'm working on now doesn't want to stay cast. One my actors won't be able to make 2 of the performances so I'm goingto have to cover him. Makes more sense to do that than to start all over again. I haven't even told the playwright yet, b/c I don't want to hear it. It'll be fine, but I just don't like working this hard even before we started rehearsing the thing.
Really wanted to get some knitting done yesterday, but knew that was pretty unlikely. I did bring the mohair lace scarf I'm working on to work and did a little under my desk as well as on my lunch break at a local Starbucks. It'll be okay. This the the third time I've started it and although it's an easy pattern, I've had so much trouble with it. The last time I was consistantly losing a stitch so I got about halfway through and realized I have 11 stitches instead of 22 and this time I keep adding a stitch or two whenever I do the yarn-over now which is just K1*Yo, k2tog*K1. It's not tough. I don't know what the deal is.
Anyway, it's snowed here yesterday. Yes, it's pretty, but it's cold and I want to go to the beach.