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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

book review and more work

finished reading John Rechy's City of Night. I had heard of John Rechy from various sources and saw this book on the top 100 gay books. I thought it was kind of interesting. I can see how some reviewers have called it dated. It was published in 1963 so it predates Stonewall and the underworld it surveys would have been quite scandalous. I think nowadays we're more immune to drugs and sex. his take on intimacy, masculinity and sexual compulsion are accurate and timeless though. his use of language is creative and interesting and i found the book compelling. i kept with it. so, classic? I don't know. worth reading, definitely.
dress rehearsal last night and there's a little dissention in the ranks. i'm working w/ an older actor who has a little trouble w/ line retention. when he's on he's great. he's just not consistant. this has my lead climbing the walls. i called him (my lead) last night after the run b/c clearly there was something bothering him and reassured him that i'd taken this tack for a reason (which he saw) and that we would get past this together(which we will). it's just going to take more work w/ the older actor and that we're going to have to be infinitely patient b/c the minute we put him on the defensive, he's not going to be able to get there and if is continues to beat on himself, he's not going to get there. so more work. didn't want to run it again last night b/c I didn't want the actors to feel like i was punishing them. we'll just have to work through it today before the show. not impossible, just more work.
more work on aiblehn, too. went almost a full round when I realized that my marker had fallen out and i couldn't tell where the new round starts. not good for a swirling rib, so i had to frog it back stitch by stitch this morning. at least, I will be able to pick it up again easily. i wish someone would pay me to drink coffee and knit all day (my gig is going to end here Friday).


Blogger Sean said...

Does this mean you'll be out of work?? YIKES. Anything on the horizon? Fingers crossed.

10:14 AM


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