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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

a break in the clouds

it's too beautiful outside. I just came in from lunch. I ate really quickly in the cafeteria here then went over to a nearby park, sat out in the spring sunshine and knitted for about forty minutes. fantastic! I love when the weather is like this. it seems like it's ninty degrees after the weather we've had, even though it's only sixty. i'll take it!
have been extended here for two more weeks. what a relief.
am making a lot of progress on aiblehn. may even be done with it by the weekend. i need to shop some materials w/ my friend Mark b/c he has commissioned a sweater from me. it's the Sam's vest from Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men from Tricoter. I made one for myself last year at this time and he wants one and is willnig to pay! His will probably come out much nicer than mine since I've made it once before.
we opened the show last night and everyone came thru w/ flying colors. whew! i wish our show wasn't such a total change of pace from the other two and last on the bill, but that's not my call. oh, well. my older actor remembered all his lines, my second lead kept up the pace and my lead led the way. but the drama isn't over, folks. my second lead can't make two of the shows next week so I"m filling in. that's right! buy your tickets now! yipe. it seemed like the easiest thing to do other than recast, but now it's suddenly occurring to me that I'm going to actually do it. oh, well, the show must go on. and on. and on. i have a night off tonight, so i will go see one of the other shows at the theater, then go home and knit to netflix. tonight jules et jim. never seen it.
oh and i even got paid yesterday from the theater. sweet!


Blogger Franklin said...

A knitting commission! Sweet.

And pay from the theater. And two more weeks of the day job. And sunshine.

And on top of it all, performances. Whoa. How long since you were last on the stage?

5:36 PM

Blogger markknitz said...

i haven't been on stage for about two years, but i've done readings and stuff so i'm not terrified. it'll be fun. besides, it's short. i kind of wish just about everyone i know wasn't coming to see those 2 shows, but hey, what are ya gonna do.

12:06 PM


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