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Thursday, March 24, 2005

dog toilet

poor daisy. she was having such a good day and then as I was in the shower she had accidents #1 and #2. she was doing better until yesterday so i thought I could get off my roll out of bed and take the dog out schedule (particularly since it's not exactly spring yet) but that apparently is not the case. so, for the moment i live in a dog toilet. but hopefully with a little more attention and love we can get through this too.
finished the gift bag i've been working on from last minute knitted gifts. it's cute. when i do it again, and i will b/c it was easy and a great use for stash yarn, i will make the bottom half longer than the top (the pattern calls for them to be equal but the top doesn't roll down that significantly). And the pattern called for a three needle bind off for the bottom done by folding the circular in half and using a third needle. this was a major pain in the ass. when I do it again, i'll do a few stitches on the circular and then swith to dpns so the stitches can be bound off easier and won't slip off the needles.
also did more on the cowl, which i'm lovin'.
yesterday was all about showing up. though i'm tired and my stalling self wants to not do anything, i find if do things in little peices things get done and they aren't overwhelming.
camera i borrowed to take pics for this site doesn't work. am i cursed? i know machines don't like me, but this is ridiculous. i think on easter i'm going to go over to my friend Mr. internet's house with a bag full of knitting and get this stuff posted. who knows, maybe he'll even model for you...


Blogger Franklin said...

You and Daisy hang in there. I'm wishing you both the best.

Thanks for mentioning the Last-Minute book - I checked it out at the bookstore near work and it looks mighty useful, so I bought it.

8:45 AM

Blogger markknitz said...

Last Minute Gifts is pretty good. Check out her website at www.purl.com. It has corrections to the book on it.

1:37 PM


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