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Monday, March 14, 2005

flame on!

I got a little obsessed this weekend and I finished the flame sweater! I know I know where are the pix. They're coming! I'm very happy w/ it except that i bound the neck off a little too tight so I may have to rip that part out and redo it. But it fits great and since I made it out of lambs pride and not woolese it's very very warm. okay it's hot. but it's a flame sweater right? It needs to be hot.
So here I am without a project. I found a great pattern on Knitty for a cowl w/ a swirling rib and bobbles on the edging. I've never done bobbles before and i always try to push myself with every project. i don't know. knit ny just had a huge yarn sale maybe i'll get inspired. so glad to be done though!
Any notes on binding off? I always manage to do it too tight and it really screws up the tension of the piece on that side.


Blogger Sean said...

Maybe bind off with a needle size larger? Or have you ever done a crochet bind off? It's a little stretchier.

7:54 AM

Blogger MarQ1 said...

Jeez... Waiting for www.blogger.com. Waiting for www.blogger.com. Waiting for www.blogger.com. Finally.
Congrats on finishing.
I missed what flame is, other than a sweater. Where do I see that?

3:42 PM

Blogger Jon said...

I go with sean....or even try two sizes bigger....be a size queen, it's ok! LOL

6:56 AM


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