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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

for arts sake pt 2

I got lucky last night! No, not like that. I had a cheap set for Turandot at the Met. A friend of mine knew I was going and got two orchestra seats from a friend of his that works there and gave them to me, so I got to see it from the 20th row. It was awesome!!! And with the snow outside, it was one of those once in a life time things.
The show i'm working on now doesn't want to stay cast. One my actors won't be able to make 2 of the performances so I'm goingto have to cover him. Makes more sense to do that than to start all over again. I haven't even told the playwright yet, b/c I don't want to hear it. It'll be fine, but I just don't like working this hard even before we started rehearsing the thing.
Really wanted to get some knitting done yesterday, but knew that was pretty unlikely. I did bring the mohair lace scarf I'm working on to work and did a little under my desk as well as on my lunch break at a local Starbucks. It'll be okay. This the the third time I've started it and although it's an easy pattern, I've had so much trouble with it. The last time I was consistantly losing a stitch so I got about halfway through and realized I have 11 stitches instead of 22 and this time I keep adding a stitch or two whenever I do the yarn-over now which is just K1*Yo, k2tog*K1. It's not tough. I don't know what the deal is.
Anyway, it's snowed here yesterday. Yes, it's pretty, but it's cold and I want to go to the beach.


Blogger Sean said...

You know the mini-Vogue scarf book (vol 1 not 2)? It has a lovely lace scarf that I've been wanting to make for my sister. I have the yarn, the most delicate blue Kid Silk Haze, but the pattern vexes me. I've tried several time but need to give it another shot, I think.

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