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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

grand central

i walk thru grand central station on my way to this temp gig every day. it kind of the highlight of the commute. when i first moved to NY about 15 years ago, gc was not so nice. kind of rotting on its hinges, then inthe early mid ninties they started renovating it so it looked worse, always under wraps and construction like someone in a body cast. but since the bandages have come off, it's really so nice. yes, it's not quite as hoipoloi friendly, meaning, the bar on the first floor isn't a cheap place you can meet your friends and people watch anymore, but i don't drink any more anyway. the light is so great through the upper windows. the other day i was in a particularly self defeating mood as i trudged into this temp gig and as i turned into the hallway towards lexington avenue i was stuck by the color of the light coming across the tiled ceilings and how the street performers music really filled the place with welcome sound. it made me think of when i was in paris a couple of years ago and that very pleasant memory coasted me into my workday. so thank you power that is for the grand central station.
had to do laundry last night on my first of two actual nights off and that ate up most of my evening. i did manage to get home in time for Sanford and Son and to watch a movie I netflixed called Jupiter's Wife. it's this documentary about a woman living in central park. at first i was thinking oh, great, another crazy, i can walk out my front door for this, but it's actually an unexpectedly good story. i recommend. and i did about another inch and a half on the cowl. so, all good. a peaceful evening. which is ultimately what i needed. i wonder if non-knitters ever know the Zen this little activity brings.


Blogger Jon said...

I love Grand Central! Gawd, I miss NY! I need to figure out a way to move there...oh Powerball Gods, please shine your bright light on me so I can move to the city of my heart!

7:42 AM

Blogger Franklin said...

Grand Central. Yum. Man, they knew how to welcome or send off a traveler in style in those days. If only the preservation movement had arrived soon enough to save poor Penn Station.

Still hoping for a photo of flames one of these days, but in the meantime I certainly do enjoy your words.

8:03 AM

Blogger MarQ1 said...

When I moved to NYC in '88, I thought Grand Central was grand. I loved it. It was a little seedy and empty and dirty, but it was New York. And it was the only way to go Upstate by train (not that I did). I still like it, but clean and well-populated, it leaves less to the imagination. I never see it at rush hour, though, when it's at its most impressive.

6:54 PM

Blogger MarQ1 said...

Jeez. It's a parade of bald guys. I hate these comment pictures. I swear, Franklin and I are not related.
Oh yeah, where are the flames?

6:56 PM


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