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Monday, March 07, 2005

i felt that!

a while back an actress of mine gave me three skeins of yarn as an opening night present. It was beutiful stuff matching green, dark brown and camel tweed. I made a long horizonatal garter stitch scarf and had enough left over to make a watch cap. The scarf still looks great, but the watch cap got completely stretched out so that it wouldn't hold a shape all and started to look like a Zelda Fitzgerald cloche. I was doing my laundry yesterday and I thought, oh, what the hell i'll throw the hat in there and see what happens. Well, it felted up perfectly. It came out the size of a skull cap just over the ears wih no rolls, you can see all the colors, the texture is beautiful and it fits like a glove.
I'm so happy with it. Not only am I over my fear of felting, but I have my fabulous matching hat again.
two of the plays i directed last year were published and i went to the book launch for them. the hshow currently running was better than ever. we got a glowing review and yours truly got mentioned. love it when that happens b/c not everyone notices direction. i am very tired, though. i didn't do much more than the launch and a rehearsal on saturday, i'm just drained. i made a nehru hat (basically a rectangular panel of super chunky roving yarn in a moss stitch) but it came out funny. both funny ha-ha and funny wierd). it may wind up being a purse. of can always felt it....


Blogger Jon said...

OK, so I finally figured out my user name on your host so I can leave non annonymous comments. Isn't that nice of me?

I'm glad you got over your felting fears....I'm sure you'll love it in the end. Just don't wash the hat again or it will fit your dog...LOL

I guess I'm in the wrong city. I need to move to NYC so you can cast me...how much time do I need to spend on your couch? {EG}

7:05 AM

Blogger markknitz said...

hey, glad to hear from you, jon! and i always have room on my couch for talent. it folds out. (tee-hee)

9:14 AM


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