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Thursday, March 10, 2005

no time

did very little work on flames yesterday which means I can finish up tomorrow at boyznite. Did like maybe four more rows like one more increase, three more rows w/ red and 18 more of intarsia. would ahve done more last night but i was tired. work was slow which makes it go real slow. went to a play last night. orson's shadow at the barrow street playhouse. it came from chicago. i really liked it. we knew someone in it and she wonderful. hard though to be around people that really do this. I direct constantly and run a theater company, but i haven't managed to make that my bill paying career, so sometimes it's hard to be around people who are doing what I want to do. I see what loneliness does to people. I feel like I missed out on 10 years and spin into a where the hell am i going with my lfie? what the hell am I doing? i always want to jump forward and worry, so i am trying very hard to stay in this moment, this day.
am giong to rip out the great hat.


Blogger Sean said...

Aw honey. I used to do that after I graduated from Culinary School and tried for 2 years to make it in that business...hating every minute of it. It was easy for me to go in another directions since I didn't like it.

Try to take comfort in the fact that I believe we're each led, for one reason or another, in the direction we're supposed to be going...find you purpose. Be happy.

9:40 AM

Blogger markknitz said...

thanks, man. i believe that also. some days are easier than others.

10:56 AM

Blogger Franklin said...

What you wrote resonates - I spent the end of my twenties and the beginning of my 30s in isolation, and I'm trying to catch up now with people who used those years to move ahead. I know how hard it feels.

I'm not going to take up room in your comments with this, but you've inspired me to pose a favorite quote in my own blog, because I'm having similar feelings today and it'll cheer me up. Check it out if you like.

If it helps at all - I'm surrounded here by aspiring theater pros who would kill to be doing as much as you are.

12:49 PM


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