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Friday, March 25, 2005

a very good friday

to everyone. this is a good friday for me b/c both my bosses are out of the office today so I'm only staying in for half the day. it feels like spring is struggling through the clouds out there and even though it's still cold it's not miserable. there's hope. yesterday was all about showing up. work, dr, dr, work, meeting, rehearsal so i was glad when i was able to get home watch the end of Night of the Demon (good if you like 1957 horror movies) do a few more rows of ablihn and chill. rehearsal was arduous and i figured it would be. we've had a week off due to scheduling conflicts and we open on tuesday, but everybody was in good spirits and stepped up and we're chugging along. i'll be glad when we're running, for some reason casting and scheduling this one was a BEAR! I can use a break. we tech tonight so i think it's pretty safe to say i'm not going to go to boyznite. which is a drag b/c that's kind of the highlight of my week. it's so great to just chill out and knit with a bunch of other guys. such good energy. i've met some really terrific people that i wouldn't have met otherwise. people on the street walk by and look in the window pointing, amazed and amused. i don't get the novelty of a room full of guys knitting, but that's because i'm in it. still, people, it's not feeding time at the zoo. have a little class. would I ooo and ahhh at an all-girl construction team? no. but I wouldn't walk by wearing tight pants, either. animals! speaking of animals, the dog was ok today. she took forever to settle down to go to sleep last night but this morning i rolled out of bed, threw on a coat and out we went. so no accidents. when i get home we will take a little nap. sounds like a good friday to me.


Blogger Jon said...

Now I forgot what I was going to say with regard to your post from yesterday. Sheesh...blogger was slooow today.

Anyway, I hate tech rehearsals. Despise them with a passion, especially if the Director and tech crew aren't ready. That bugs the shit out of me!

Oh! Now I remember!! Maybe Mr. Director and Mr. Internet should be an item? {EG}

6:50 AM

Blogger Franklin said...

Tech night. Two words that still give me cold chills, even at a distance of years from my last show. Maybe because said show had tons of moving scenery, rolling gondolas, and a lighting system that dated from the building of the theater circa 1900. (Or maybe just because tech is a bitch.)

Anyhow - fall down backwards. Even tech can't go on forever, and I'm sure you'll keep it tight.

I'm glad to hear Daisy had a good day and night.

7:27 AM


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