When you've gone over something AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN like I have, certain questions get answered, OTHERS SPRING UP! You mind plays tricks on you, YOU PLAY TRICKS BACK! It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps on knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting..."

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

so close

tres is helping me out w/ posting pix so hopefully it won't be too long. i've also got my friend R on it too. he's the one who took the pix and is really into it. he's like, hurry up and knit more so i can take more pictures. i did finish the lace scarf last night and am going to block it tonight. also finished the back of the loop pillow so now it's ready to be assembled. maybe i'll do that tonight b/c i'm in between projects. my friend jon gave me 6+ skeins (120 yrds apiece) of this pretty black/blue boucle wool/mohair and a little orlon. i'd love to make a sweater out of it on a circular but i'm worried i won't have enough yarn. should i do a vest? i've never made a garment on a circular before (other than a hat).
reading went great this weekend. i have such talented people in my company. and yipe my play opens on the 5th!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

technotard strikes again

okay, so i was at my buddy robert's place taking picture all night and have been trying all morning to get them on here. i wish i were not so techntarded. i seem to be doing everything right. the pictures are sending, i just don't know where they're sending too. not here at least. am i missing some basic thing?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

night of the thong

i finished the thong last night and found some elastic to go in it, so hopefully it will model-ready very soon. this was our cruise director at boyznite's idea of a spring project. i think we should have a model search and a float in the pride parade. i actually like the way it looks. not on me, just in general.
i have a night off tonight and nothing from netflix so i'm going to take some time and figure out what when wrong in the lace pattern. i have this giant hole in it and i can't figure out where it came from.
i have done nothing at work today other than try to stay awake in a training session. not that i'm complaining. it just makes for a really long day.
welcome back to Franklin!

Monday, April 18, 2005

lace zone, temporarily

thanks for advice guys. i did go back and start over and it helped out a lot. I worked on it at BoyzNite and got halfway thru (14 repeats). then started in on it the next day and did something screwy with it which i haven't been able to figure out yet. in the meantime, i've been working on the back of the loop stitch pillow wh/ is a bias garter stitch so its good to watch tv with. and the BoyzNite spring project-- the Thong. That's right. The Thong. I've started it three times and I think I've finally got it right. I learned how to do short rows so the front is all done. I should be done w/ the waist band today or tomorrow. I am NOT going to model it though.
Speaking of Boyznite, there's an article in this weeks US News and World Report (Charles and Camilla on the cover) about knitting across the country and I'm in the picture. Behind the three guys in the foreground looking at the camera like a goof. That's me! Check it out!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

lace is like life

i had to go on for my actor again on tuesday. i did ok, but there were a couple of people in the audience that i didn't think were going to be there and when i heard them laugh it kind of thru me. i did okay, but i wasn't as focussed as usual and i screwed up a couple of times. as my scene partner reminded me after the show, thanks jack! anyway, it was fun. i will miss it.
am about two thirds of the way done with the branching out scarf. i seem to have stitches disappear. i don't drop them, they just kind of go away. i feel like i know the pattern well enough to fake it or repair it and it doesn't seem to be affecting how it looks. just aggravating. like like. i'm doing everything right, why isn't this coming out perfectly?

Monday, April 11, 2005

theatrical weekend

went on for my actor last night and friday. it was a little nerve racking at first, but it was fun and it went well. i remember why i got into this theater mess in the first place. b/c it's the rush you can't get anywhere else. saw Streetcar named Desire on Saturday and actually quite liked it. john c reilly is an excellent actor who i got to see do some excellent acting. odd choice for stanley, but hey. what a pleasure to see that play done so well and in its entirety. makes you remember the play is a star, not just brando and leigh. and my friend in the cast mentions me in his bio. my broadway debut!!! had first readthru of the play i wrote on sunday. needs some work but it's exciting. for all the grousing that i do, i realized yesterday that i get to be an actor, playwright and director in NYC and that's something to be grateful for.
boyznite was very fun last week. crowded. check out jon's blog http://www.thejonblog.com/knit/ for more details and an interesting poll of a question that came up (so to speak). finished the front of the loop stitch pillow (which looks alot like a shag rug). the back, which is a bias garter stitch is my portable project. my home project is the branching out lace scarf from the new knitty http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTbranchingout.html . am a laceaphobe so this is good practice. i think i've gotten to understand the pattern after two tries and four repeats of it. it's actually starting to look like the picture! when i'm done with it, i'll wrap it around a vase. i'm completely obsessed by it so it's not the greatest netflix watching project.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

book review and a question

finished MAGICAL THINKING by Augusten Burroughs. Liked it a lot. His stuff is really funny and touching and true. Reminds me of David Sedaris and Dan Savage. Very readable and digestable and entertaining. Having read DRY and read a lot about RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, it was kind of like reading the third part of a story that comes out happily. He writes very honestly. I was constantly saying, I can't believe you said that, but thank GOd you did! Liked it a lot and recommend.
questions: Will I ever have email at home? More specifically, will I ever get pictures upon this blog? Was on hold w/ Verizon DSL for close to an hour yesterday and nobody got to me, so I said fuck it, I'll try again in the morning. Of course, I didn't. Maybe I should take a day off so thatI can be on hold all day. Between that and the battery in my borrowed camera kicking and having no way to recharge, my internet friend never around when i can be, I wonder if I'll ever get going with this. Frankly, I"m sick of it. I'm going to give Verizon one more try and then start working on how to cancel my account. Why pay for something I haven't been able to use?

Monday, April 04, 2005

wipe out!

this was a weekend i need a weekend to recover from. all good stuff, just no rest for the wicked. none. i'm wiped out.
finished aiblihn at boyznite. it's lovely! started one of the pillows in snb nation. the loop pattern. i have a bunch of yarn that a friend gave me that her mother gave her that she didn't know what to do with but didn't want to get rid off. she gave it to me like 2 years ago and i've had the same problem. i was going to make a throw out of it, but when i remembered i almost poked my eyes out with a circular needle this last time i made an afghan out of sheer boredom, i figured there must be something else to do w/ it. the loop stitch will eat yarn, it's already shaping up to look quite interesting and show off the yarn to it's best advantage. and it's different. i always like to try to learn something new with every new project. should go pretty fast to.
auditioning for my play sat and sun. exciting buy really uncomfortable to hear your words tossed back at you all day. we're closed to being finished casting, but not quite yet.
went to go see Easy Living at the filmforum w/ my best bud, mr. internet, who i never see anymore b/c we're both working girls. then b/w going to see John W at his east side cabaret debut and going to an anniversary party and another performance of the play i directed, i had no time to just chill that didn't involved sleeping. none. so yes, it was fun but i guess i am old b/c all i want to do is SLEEP!