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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

so close

tres is helping me out w/ posting pix so hopefully it won't be too long. i've also got my friend R on it too. he's the one who took the pix and is really into it. he's like, hurry up and knit more so i can take more pictures. i did finish the lace scarf last night and am going to block it tonight. also finished the back of the loop pillow so now it's ready to be assembled. maybe i'll do that tonight b/c i'm in between projects. my friend jon gave me 6+ skeins (120 yrds apiece) of this pretty black/blue boucle wool/mohair and a little orlon. i'd love to make a sweater out of it on a circular but i'm worried i won't have enough yarn. should i do a vest? i've never made a garment on a circular before (other than a hat).
reading went great this weekend. i have such talented people in my company. and yipe my play opens on the 5th!


Blogger Jon said...

Sorry punkin, 720 yards is not enough to make a vest for a man. You could do one for a little guy, though.

7:06 AM

Blogger Franklin said...

Go, Mark, go! Post them pics!

Hey, I'm a little guy. Make me a vest.

8:13 AM

Blogger Tres said...

yes, I think we are so close.

Try sending me a pic, or try again if you already did.

Click on the tab at the top where I show up as a friend. Get the pic to show in the left side of the hello window, type a message in the lower right area, and click send in the lower right corner.

I'll have a little time to work with it on my end this afternoon.

Patience everyone!

7:08 AM

Blogger Emily said...

I use Hello and sometimes it goes berserk. Other times it works fine. So my advice would be: just keep trying. Its great for the price.

8:22 PM

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