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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bob Rocks and counting down...

First of all, Bob in Cincy rocks! Thanks for all those beautiful dragonfly stitch markers! I will post some pics this weekend (we have the technology). I may wear one around my neck on a chain tonight for good luck. The chocolate, however, is not long for this world.
Went to rehearsal last night which was not in the theater (a typical off-off broadway snafu). But the director was hard at work w/ the cast who seemed in good spirits. I am looking forward tonight on a number of levels. Mainly, to get the first one out of the way. I really hate opening nights as an actor b/c I'm so nervous and it's such a false high which make the next performance ultimately a let down. As a director, they're kind of sad b/c ideally that's when you let it go and let the actors have it. As a playwright, I don't know what I feel yet. I've been told that at the New York Theatre Workshop, it's one of the intern's jobs to keep the playwright and the director out of the theater until the opening night performance is over. Can I have an intern please? Preferably a really cute one? Instead of a bar, can we go to a motel? I am trying very hard not to count down the hours or sweat out what's going to happen tonight b/c ultimately there's nothing I can do about it.
Other than that, what's new in my world? I got my hair cut very short yesterday which I really like. Also, I made a openwork (face it, Mary, it's lace) beanie to wear in the summer time out of the blue Alpaca Jon sent me. More pictures coming! Cleaves is a great TV project and is going pretty fast. I just haven't had that much time to devote to it. The girl who I'm covering for here at work never showed up so I may be here indefintely. Which is good. Lots of blogging time. Wish I could knit here, though, but I think that would be tantamount to writing I HAVE NOTHING TO DO on the wall behind me.


Blogger MarQ1 said...

Short hair: pics please.
I always wish I could knit at work. It would make two-hour conference calls endurable.

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