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Monday, May 23, 2005

book review

i finally finished HOLY TERROR: Andy Warhol Close Up by Bob Colacella. I really enjoyed it but I didn't think I'd ever finish it. Not that it was bad. I read really slowly and it's a big book (504p.) full of big pages full of big names. Plowing through long lists of names of people that were at this party or at the Factory when that happened etc was exhasutive. I chipped away at it about ten pages at a time. But I'm glad I made it. Colacella is a compelling writer and it's as much a bio of him starting out in new york and starting up a magazine as it is of warhol. warhol's a difficult subject as well b/c he was so present but not forthcoming, there/not there and, let's face it--a wierdo--but Colacella really illuminates that personality so you see the real dichotomy that made up the man. He writes w/ a palatable mix of compassion and frustration. i feel like i have a real sense of who the man was. And a sense of relief I didn't know him. having gone to an arts school and done a little time in both the fashion and the publishing industries, this is one holy terror i'm glad i missed.
on a more personal note, i'd been carrying that book around since i got it for free when i worked at harpercollins. i moved it from apartment to apartment fully inteding to read it but never getting around to it. i have resolved to actually read the books i have been lugging around. here's one i actually made good on. woo-hoo!


Blogger Jon said...

So was this a bedside, I need to relax, read? I have those. I read about 2 pages and zonk out. I can't wait for the HP tho!!!! Whoo hoo!

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