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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

nervous nelly

well, tomorrow is the big day. my play, THE MERMAID, opens. i went to rehearsal last night and it was tough. tough because we're having technical problems, tough because i wish we had a couple more days to smooth them out and tough to just sit there and listen to my words. it's been a while since i've been in this position and i'd forgotten how particularly unique it is. the whole thing begins with the playwright, then the playwright hands it over to the director and the playwright is effectively done, then the director hands it over to the actors and he's effectively done, then the actors have to carry it. but none of it would have existed if it weren't for the playwright. but, that's the process, that's the biz, that's the nature of the beast whose belly i'm in. it was great to see and hear the play in there, though. the design team and director have done very very well. so it's exciting, scary, nervous-making. in short, i hate this part.
incidently, on my way home from the rehearsal i was thinking the last time i had a play produced in ny i had to stay drunk b/c the lead didn't bother to learn the lines and it was the only way i thought i could watch the process and not kill him, the director or myself, so i'd sit in the back of the theater clutching a flask and a photo of my dead lover muttering please, please, please. just as i was thinking this i look up and saw this guy trying to stagger across ninth avenue. He thought better of it, doubled over and puked his guts out. and i thought thank you for that visual reminder of how much better my life is today. anyway, send us happy thoughts tomorrow!!!


Blogger Franklin said...

Deep breath, chin up! I have no doubt that "The Mermaid" will go swimmingly. I can't wait to hear the full report.

Break a collective leg, to the whole production.

10:20 AM

Blogger Jon said...

Break a leg, you big Nelly!!! I'm sure it will be grand. Do I get to star in the Colorado Regional premiere? LOL

7:09 AM


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