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Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Change is good."

"We fear change."--Garth, Wayne's World
So my temp gig for the last five months is coming to an end this friday. This was a really good gig, in that I didn't do awhole lot which allowed me to really focus on and bang out stuff when it needed to happen which made me look really good. And realistically, I need a job that will pay my expensive ass health insurance. And that's how temp gigs are. They're temporary. I just get scared that I'm never going to work again, that I'm not going to get my rent covered, that I'm going to starve. etc. I know these are silly and reactionary, but they are nonetheless real. The YOU MUST HAVE A JOB tradition has been passed down to me very strongly in my family.
But I have been interviewing during this whole process. As a matter of fact, I have a second interview for this conde naste gig tomorrow. the timing would be rather perfect, so wish me luck. Thanks for letting me rant yesterday. I so needed it. Thanks so much for your supportive comments. I'm breathing!
This may sound stupid, but i haven't knitted anything in a couple of days and that may have set my serenity on edge. I feel like I come a bit unravelled if I don't put in at least a row or two on something.
What a really need is a vacation. If there is a little break in work time, maybe i need to cast about and find someone who can look after my dog for a day or two and see if I can get away to my friends cabin.
oh, well. change is good. it's just scary b/c you don't know what you're going to change into.


Blogger Jon said...

There are 28 jobs listed in my company's home office in midtown. You could look there. You just have to make sure that the job you apply for isn't going to move to Charlotte anytime soon. {shudder}

7:35 AM

Blogger Franklin said...

Dude. Get a job as a department secretary or similar at a university. You'll put in about an hour of work a day and can stay in your chair for 50 years without being asked or expected to exert yourself.

(That's the impression I get from the ones I deal with around here every day, anyhow.)

Seriously, knock 'em dead at Conde Nast, kiddo.

10:27 AM

Blogger Impossible Princess said...

i understand, I'm looking for a job too..sucks ass...

2:00 AM


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