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Thursday, June 02, 2005

little by little

first night in the new pad w/ nothin' to do. i know i need to unpack but having just gotten over the gargantuan task of moving four hundred piles of crap from one place to the next, the last thing i wanted to do was move said piles of crap around even more. so i set some low goals. i found my phone and plugged it in. (but not the answering machine). i unpacked most of the kitchen just to get a pathway to the sink and cabinets. i hooked up my TV and DVD/VCR. i put clothes in the closet. when i ran out of hangers, i said to myself: okay, that's enough for tonight. put in a movie and worked on the bloucle vest until it was time to go to bed. ahhh. i'm already so much more comfortable in this new place than i was in the last one. i have a lot of junk, but maybe even not having to live in the same room w/ all of it makes a difference. about said vest. it's a pattern i adapted from knitty's petrol vest. i worked the pattern at the bottom w/ an inch and 3/4 of black lamb's pride worsted and then continued in pattern w/ the boucle. the thing is the boucle doesn't show the rib that well, which is ok, b/c i just want the body to have a little texture not a rigid rib pattern. but whenever i get to the knit/purl row my stitch count is always different and it's driving me crazy! luckily it doesn't show b/c ripping it out would be tough, but it's annoying. i guess i have to bite the bullet and get out the stitch counters. amway, last night i really felt at home in the new home. yea!


Blogger MarQ1 said...

Sounds fun to me. Unpacking will wait.

8:18 PM


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