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Friday, June 17, 2005

ruth, you broke my heart

one of my favorite authors is Ruth Rendell. she's like the best mystery writer there is. i'm not a big fan of her Inspector Wexford books, but her mystery/suspense books are absolutely top notch if you like menacing psychological thrillers. i try to vary my reading diet and after reading an informative but not too compelling non-fic about how AA was formed and its formative years, I was ready for a box of chocolates and that's exactly what RR's books are to me. I tend to only read one a year b/c i don't want to gain weight. i usually read them in the fall or winter b/c the atmosphere suits the tone better. rainy, overcast london, obsessed people that want to kill each other. it works for me. well, I read the next to last one and was so bummed. it's really really good up until the end. she does these great characters as usual and sucks them into a terrific plot, builds to this inevitable climax and then CRAPPED OUT! It's like she wrapped up one story line and phoned in the rest. The last five pages were literally: this happened to that one, this one got married and they ended up being friends w/ these two, it didn't work out so well for so and so, he got fat and she got fired. the end. i'm like what? Ruth, you're killin' me. Did you just get tired? I would have hung on for another fifty pages if you woulda wrapped it up the way you usually do. So, I can't recommend THE ROTTWEILLER. But I absolutely can recommend:
THE LAKE OF DARKNESS (first one I read and I still think her best)
she also writes as Barbara Vine and I can recommend
I still love her and will definitely keep reading her, I was just SO BUMMED!


Blogger Franklin said...

That really stings, when a favorite author lets you down like that. Happened to me with George Eliot when I jumped from "Middlemarch" to "Romola."

Say listen, ever read Martha Grimes? You might like. I remember being stunned that the woman who wrote pitch-perfect British crime fiction set in London and its environs was an American living in Pittsburgh.

Haven't read mysteries in a long time but I used to love them, and hers stuck in my head as very good indeed.

8:04 AM

Blogger Impossible Princess said...

latley i thought iwas the only Ruth Rendell but then again imthe only person that reads in this small hick town lol

12:10 PM

Blogger MarQ1 said...

I hate that.
Have you tried Laurie King? Mystery can take a second seat to plot, but I enjoy them.

8:00 PM

Blogger Sean said...

I hate when that happens. During my Anne Rice obsession, I loved The Witching Hour and thought I would like Taltos it's sequel. In this case she could have added two more chapters on the end of the first book and wrapped up things that way.

Last Rice book I read!

9:43 AM

Blogger Sean said...

Make that Lasher

9:44 AM


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