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Monday, June 27, 2005

weekend update and book review

thanks again for all your birthday wishes! some friends of mine took me out to The Mermaid Inn on saturday to celebrate and it was very fun and grown up. very sex in the city.
saturday is was hot, hot, hot. my friend Robert and I went to Jones Beach and it was so beautiful. being on the shore, too, the temperature was very nice. water still too cold to go into but lots of nice, um, scenery. yesterday was a lovely day for pride. i didn't go, though. first time in years. my meds kind of knocked me on my ass so i spent the day quietly. watched FINDING NEVERLAND and loved it.
finished THE UNDERMINER by Nick Albo. very funny. there were a couple of times when i laughed out loud. it's kind of a one joke thing, but it's very very well done and the writing is really good. it takes some surprising turns. it's short (165 pp.) but it took me a long time to read b/c i so know the narrator it was kind of an icky place to go. why do these people flourish?!! so, if you don't have an inferiority complex i would highly recommend it. and it you do, i would recommend it, too. it'll just take you longer to get through.
wanted to clear my plate for SPECIMEN DAYS. yea! i'm not one of these people who can read more than one book at a time. i don't have that many brain cells left, I guess.


Blogger Jon said...

I too watched Finding Neverland this weekend and loved it. I had to turn off my fans tho so I could hear some of the softer parts of the movie. I hate that. Why is the teaser part of the DVD so much louder than the actual movie?

7:51 AM

Blogger markknitz said...

wow, i had to do the same thing. but on thinking back it's a very quiet movie. i'm trying to think of an instance of anyone raising their voice.

8:31 AM

Blogger Impossible Princess said...

I seen finding neverland in theaters...I have to admit I held back a tear or two...

9:19 PM


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