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Thursday, July 21, 2005

cause for celebration

my search for full time employment has finally ended. as of Monday August 1, I will be the Volunteer Services Asssistant for God's Love We Deliver. I'm so excited about this. A friend of mine approached me about the job and sent in the resume and did the interview. The more I found out about the job and the organization the surer I was that I wasn't going to get it because I wanted it more and more. Well, yesterday I went in to HR for another interview and an hour later they called me and offered me the job. YES!!! I have been getting so frustrated lately b/c I kept getting so much positive feedback on my resume and my job performance and my interviews, but nothing coming up in the way of offers that I could afford to take. I was thinking there HAS to be something out there for me, there just HAS to be. And here it is! Also, after 8 years in television, six months in fashion and six months at a major corporation that makes you take off three months if you work more than nine months as a temp so they don't have to pay you benefits (this is a pharmacuetical corporation, all about "health", you know), it will be so nice to work somewhere where I believe in what I'm doing b/c I know it's making a difference to someone else. (Working at MTV was like working at a trendy restaurant that everyone's dying to get into but the food gives you cancer.) So I'm very happy, very excited and yes, more than a little nervous. But so looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I'll finish out my gig here next tuesday, take a the rest of the week off and away we go!


Blogger Jon said...

Yeah for employment!!!! So, I take it, this is a full time gig?

7:39 AM

Blogger Franklin said...

Hurrah for you, kiddo! :-)

10:55 AM

Blogger doloreshaze said...

Hi there-got to you through franklin's blog--which oob do you run? Are you Mark Russell? Though I can't imagine Mark Russell knitting. I'm an Associate Artistic Director at an Off-Broadway, which is why I ask.

3:38 PM

Blogger MarQ1 said...

Congrats. I hope you love it and vice versa.

7:24 PM


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