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Friday, July 22, 2005

have you ever noticed

that George W. Bush's mouth looks like an asshole?
that Donald Trump's mouth looks like an asshole?
that those things on (my boyfriend) Ewan McGregor's forehead don't show up in every picture and I keep hoping that he's had them removed and then there they are again?
Am crazy bored today. It's tough when you're plugging away at a temp job you don't care about waiting for the job you do care about to begin. Not complaining. Just observing.
Here in NYC they have started searching bags in the subway. I was watching people comment on it on NY1 (our local 24 hour news channel) and I was thinking what I would say if they asked me:
NY1: What do you think about the new bag search policy?
MF: Just one more empty gesture by this adminstration to try and convince us that they have any idea how to fight this "war on terror"? What is this random searching supposed to uncover? The only way to make it fair or effective is to search everyone and that's not physically possible in New York. Such crap.
NY1: Does the increased military and police presence make you feel safer?
MF: Call me crazy but being around all these guns out in the open does NOT make me feel safer. Thanks, W. Any more bright ideas?
I felt like a true New Yorker yesterday when I went to Bed Bath and Beyond pick up a vaccuum cleaner that was bought on Sunday and being held for me. They guy behind the counter took my receipt, disappeared, came right back, gave me back my receipt and said, "We're asking everyone to leave the building. There's been a bomb threat." And my first thought was, "Well, can I get my vaccuum cleaner first?" I mean, who wants to blow up Bed, Bath and Beyond? Best Buy?
Anyway, i'm hot, i'm cranky and rob schneider has another movie out. go figure. have a good weekend!


Blogger Felicia said...

GW Bush's mouth looks like an asshole because we are what we eat. Did I say that out loud?

3:33 PM

Blogger nmblefngrs said...

Rob Schneider has another movie out--I am sooo there. Call me strange, hell, I know I'm strange, but there is just something about that man...

Oh, btw, congrats on your new job. After all the searching you've done, you deserve it!

5:33 PM

Blogger Jon said...

I thought it was his whole face that looked like an asshole.

8:01 AM


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