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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

stayin' all night while they sang 'em all

below is a picture of me and my friend chris tending bar at the longest book party in recorded history. it was at the Drama Book Shop and it was for the publication of a new book on the Cafe Cino. Interesting stuff. I had directed a couple of monologues from some of the Cino plays to be presented w/ some scenes from same at the top of the program. My friends were producing and I volunteered to help out. The event started at 7 and naively I thought I'd be done at 8, 8:30 at the latest. Well, after the presentation, the author thanked the producers and introduced the panel of ten actors and writers who were producing at the Cino back in the day. Two of them got up to read telegrams from people not present including Edward Albee, Robert Patrick sang a song via DVD which mentioned everyone who every worked there by name and then the panel went round robin talking about their experiences of the Cino. I had a friend on the panel and I know he can go on a bit so I was braced. My friend was actually short and sweet. All of these other people went on for twenty minutes at a pop! I'm glad it was interesting to the people who actually came to listen and who didn't know the Cino backstories, but I WAS READY TO KILL! I have heard a lot of this before and it's always interesting, but how many times can you hear about how great it used to be-- that rents downtown were 30$ a month, that you could make art in a completely safe and glamourous environment, that you could walk out your front door and have as much sex as you wanted and the worst thing that would happen was crabs or the clap, that you could actually have a career in the arts --without wanting to scream SHUT UP!!! THIS IS NOT MY WORLD!!! WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO IT? All right, that last bit is unfair, but my back got up a little bit when some of these panelists barked at me to fetch them water and that the older people needed to know where the bathrooms are and what was I going to do about it. grrrrr. don't talk to me like I"m the help. you obviously don't know who I am, but that makes us even. anyway, the thing went on for two hours plus with no break and no air conditioning and eventually no food. I felt bad for the author who had no time to sell or sign books and eight copies of the book disappeared, most likely taken by panelist who felt like there were entitled to freebies. I"m glad my friends had a successful event, but I'm definitely overdrawn at the Patience Bank.


Blogger Franklin said...

That sounds like an ordeal, all right.

God save us from theater queens who are given the floor but not given a time limit. And that really sucks for the author.

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